Team Rhino American Ventures
Gunsmithing, Ministerial Services, Event Management, Wrestling Tournament Operations & Backyard Q
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We love feed back, good or constructive criticism. In fact we attribute past constructive criticism to many of the positive comments here.



I thought the Rhino tournament was definitely well run. The event started on time and the tables ran smoothly. Everyone (volunteer) had a role and performed that role to the fullest. #teamMorrisFitness

— Tina, on the Rhino eXtreme


"Great Tourney, nice facility,
Clean Mats, each mat had a huge score board!
Had a great time, will see you there next year. 
Team MF1.”

— Shane, on the rhino extreme


"I would have never guessed this was your first collegiate tournament. That was outstanding.”

— NCAA Coach, On the Pembroke Classic

“The Artesia Hotel accomplishes what most modern boutique hotels fail to do: be immaculate and humble at the same time. The staff is welcoming and the guests are open to making new friends. And with interesting performances at Refill nearly every night, The Artesia Hotel has made an excellent contribution to the local artistic community.”



"The attention to detail here makes you think you’re stepping into an artist’s villa. There’s a ton to do in the hotel, but the staff encourages you to explore things off the beaten path. You feel like the locals are letting you in on their secrets.”

— A NEWSPAPER, JULY 16, 2015


"There is a certain familiarity and timelessness to The Artesia Hotel. We’ve seen a lot of warehouses gutted into bland, sterile, and corporate spaces. The co-owners have somehow managed to do just the opposite. Architecturally, this place is a tribute to the factories of old London, but the interiors are all about London’s identity as a world city.”