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Gunsmithing, Ministerial Services, Event Management, Wrestling Tournament Operations & Backyard Q

Rhino Droppings

Rhino Droppings started many years ago on Tumblr back when it was not full of naked female body builders. I always have found writing to be a great outlet to share thoughts, ideas and feelings. In this blog you may find entries varying from recipes, to thoughts, to shooting, hunting, fishing, cooking and more.

The Secret to 50 Years of Marital Bliss

"Just keep loving each other, and when you have an argument, don't be afraid to shut up. Take your wife in your arms and kiss her tenderly and tell her that you love her and do the housework and things that a woman should do. Court her forever and bring her flowers, and your love will last forever." 1994, Perry B. Bartram, Sr.