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Rhino Droppings started many years ago on Tumblr back when it was not full of naked female body builders. I always have found writing to be a great outlet to share thoughts, ideas and feelings. In this blog you may find entries varying from recipes, to thoughts, to shooting, hunting, fishing, cooking and more.

Pizza on the Grill, by special request

Turn up the volume itsa sizzlin'

Monday was a special day for us and the guest of honor requested homemade pizza. We all know the key to great pizza is the crust. We rely on the pros at Valenti's. For a mere $3 you can get a fresh ball of dough suitable to build a large pizza.

I removed the Slow'NSear from the Weber and started a full chimney of Kingsford Original. When the charcoal was ready I centered it on the charcoal grate. I then placed a cast iron searing griddle in the center of the top grate and put the pizza stone on top of it. Down went the lid and we waited for the top grate temperature to peak. It peaked and held at about 450 degrees but I know that the stone was hotter than that. The pizza was slid on off of parchment paper (someone buy me a pizza slide pls); you can keep the parchment paper on if you like just make sure you trim it as close to the edge of the pizza as you can. 12 minutes later the pizza crust was strong, crisp and thoroughly cooked and the toppings were beautifully melted.

For the pizza above we used bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce, and oregano, browned ground round, peppers, and mozzarella. It rocked!