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Rhino Droppings started many years ago on Tumblr back when it was not full of naked female body builders. I always have found writing to be a great outlet to share thoughts, ideas and feelings. In this blog you may find entries varying from recipes, to thoughts, to shooting, hunting, fishing, cooking and more.

Thursday: Last Meal Ribs and Center Cut Round Roast

Pictured above are the finished products. Of course you can click them for a larger view you meat perv, you didn't have to ask. Here is how we got there.

On Tuesday the meat was finished defrosting and I gave them both a nice dry brine of kosher salt, then wrapped them up nice and tight and they went into the fridge. For the pork ribs I followed this recipe Last Meal Ribs: The Best Barbecue Ribs Ever. For the beef roast I followed these guidelines Recipe: Secrets Of Cooking Beef Prime Rib Roast, Strip Loin Roast, Tenderloin, Chuck Roast, Round, Rump Roast, And Other Beef Roasts On The Grill. And This Method Works Indoors If It's Too Cold For You, Wimp.

This meal was cooked on my 22.5" Weber with a Slow N Sear. If you have a kettle grill I cannot recommend too strongly that you get one of these. The grill was "set" to 225 degrees and I added apple wood and a touch of hickory. The ribs were given a nice rub of Meathead's Memphis Dust. The beef was rubbed with MMD and BBBR (Big Bad Beef Rub).

The pork went on at 12:30 and cooked for about 6 hours. At the six hour mark it passed the bend test but I left them on as I was keeping the lid raised to sear the beef. Weber's original classic BBQ sauce was served on the side, I did not baste the ribs with it.

The beef went on at 3pm and came off at 4:30. It was a 134 internally and so it was placed in a 150 degree oven to hold. At 6 pm the beef went back on the direct heat side of the grill to be seared.

I recommend serving the beef with beef butter. Feel free to experiment with the herbs, I did as I was out of tarragon. I use a 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp basil, 1/2 teaspoon lemon thyme, and 1/2 tsp rosemary for a 1lb block of Kerry's Gold Butter.